Wooden Block Words



  • 2” wooden blocks, one block for each letter in your word
  • Wooden letters to spell out the word
  • 1 ½” paper circles, one for each block – I like to use scrap paper from former projects
  • ¼” ribbon
  • Paint
  • Decoupage
  • Hot glue gun
  • Flower embellishments



  1. Make sure your blocks are sanded, clean and dry. Paint with your choice of color. Depending on your choice, it may take 2 -3 coats. Let dry.
  2. Paint your wooden letters a contrasting color. Let dry.
  3. Using decoupage and a foam brush, glue the paper circles to one side of each of your blocks. Put a coat of decoupage over the top of the paper circles all the way to the edges of the block. This will stop the paper from peeling off. Let dry.
  4. Cut your ribbon to the length of the diameter of your block plus a 1/2”. (You can glue ribbon to all your blocks or every other block in your word. It’s your project so you decide! J) Glue your ribbon on to the top, bottom, side, or center of your blocks.
  5. Using your hot glue gun glue your wooden letters to each of the blocks, centering them in the middle of the paper circles.
  6. Add any floral embellishments and you’re done.
  7. ENJOY!!
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