Tile Picture Frames



  • Unfinished wooden picture frame – Buy at Amazon.com
  • Ceramic or glass tile – measure the area of the picture frame you want to tile to make sure you buy enough tiles.
  • Industrial adhesive
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Foam paint sponge
  • Tile cutter  – Buy at Amazon.com



  1. Paint the picture frame in the same or complimentary color as/to your tiles.
  2. Allow to dry thoroughly. Add extra coats as needed.
  3. Cut tiles from mesh backing.
  4. Sand any rough edges.
  5. Position tiles on the frame, determining pattern and spacing.
  6. If needed, trim down tiles with tile cutter in order to make your design.
  7. Add small dabs of adhesive to the back of the tile and glue. Start with the corners and then the outer edges and move inward, making sure your tiles are lined up straight.
  8. Allow to dry overnight.
  9. Add photograph and ENJOY!
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