Tile Coaster


  • Tiles – the 4″x4″ are the perfect size for glasses and mugs
  • Decoupage
  • Top Coat Gloss Spray
  • Foam sponge
  • Felt pads
  • Hair spray – if using an ink jet printer to print your pictures
  • Pictures sized slightly smaller that the size of your tile
  1. Print pictures from your printer and spray with hair spray if using an inkjet printer. (You can also use wrapping paper, paper napkins, photos, or greeting cards.) Let the hair spray dry completely. Cut your pictures to fit on your tile.
  2. Cover your tile with a coat of decoupage and then position picture where you want it to stick. Press gently from the middle of the picture outwards, pressing out air that may be under the picture.
  3. Cover the entire picture and tile with a coat of decoupage. Let dry completely and add another coat. Again, Let dry completely.
  4. Attach your foam pads to the bottom of your tile, positioning them in all four corners of your tile so that it is stable and level.
  5. Spray an even coat of the top coat gloss spray to each tile and let dry.
  6. Enjoy!!!
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