Personalized Wall Clocks



  • Clock
  • Spray paint
  • Craft / Scrapbook paper
  • Number stickers or punch-outs
  • Sticker embellishments
  • Glue stick
  • Craft knife
  • Paper circle cutter, or scissors


  1. Take the clock apart by removing the plastic/glass cover, carefully removing the clock hands, and if possible, removing the paper clock face.
  2. Cover the clock’s mechanical piece in the middle of the plastic frame and spray paint the frame. Let dry.
  3. Cut out a circle of craft paper the same size as the clock face and use glue stick to attach it to your template.
  4. Use sticker numbers, or punch-outs and attach them to your clock face.
  5. Embellish as desired, making sure that all lays very flat as to not obstruct the hands as they move around.
  6. Using your craft knife, make your hole in the middle of the face just big enough to fit the hands post through.
  7. Glue your face into the frame, making sure to line up so the “12” and “6” and perfectly vertical.
  8. Push the post through the paper so that the hands fit on snugly.
  9. Put the clock hands back on, making sure the hour hand goes first and the second hand goes on last.
  10. Move the hands around the clock to make sure there are no places where they catch on your numbers or embellishments. (You can slightly bend the hands if necessary.)
  11. Carefully push the cover back on the clock and add your battery.
  12. ENJOY!!
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