Lighted Holiday Jars



  • Canning jar, any size, with lid
  • paint
  • Christmas lights, I used a 20 bulb strand
  • wooden knob
  • ribbon or raffia
  • scissors
  • sponge for painting
  • paint brush
  • hot glue or craft glue


  1. Clean your jar thoroughly and remove any labels, if re-using a jar
  2. Paint your lid black. I like to use spray paint.
  3. Paint your jar using a small damp sponge. Dab the paint all over till completely covered. Let dry. If you want your jars to be outside, make sure to use paint recommended for outdoors and follow instructions on the bottle for curing the paint.
  4. Paint the wooden knob.
  5. Using a small paint brush, paint your “face” on the jar.
  6. Cut a small opening in the jar lid for the light cord. (If re-using a jar like marinara or salsa, you will need to use a drill to put the hole in and then feed the lights through the hole into the jar.)
  7. Place your lights in the jar and place the lid on allowing the cord to come through at the back of the jar.
  8. Glue your wooden knob to the top of the lid. Let dry.
  9. Tie a ribbon, raffia, etc. around the neck of the jar.
  10. Turn on the lights, and enjoy!
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