Lighted Glass Blocks with Vinyl



  • 3  8”x8” glass blocks with hole in bottom to thread Christmas lights
  • 3 strands of Christmas lights; 2  50 count and 1  35 count
  • Vinyl picture – you can find these online, or email me for information on ordering from my supplier.
  • Wired ribbon


  1. If purchasing your blocks from Lowe’s, make sure to drill a hole in the block in one of the corners big enough to thread lights into.
  2. Using a credit card or popsicle stick, rub over the vinyl to make sure it has adhered to the top sheet of contact paper. Remove vinyl from it’s backing and place in center of glass block. Again, using a credit card or popsicle stick, rub the vinyl so it adheres to the glass and remove top sheet of contact paper.
  3. Push string of lights into block through drilled hole.
  4. Run wired ribbon around the block and tie a bow.
  5. Plug in and enjoy!
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