Fire Bowls




  • Concrete mix (quick set recommended)
  • Chafing dish fuel/tea light candles
  • Bowls: one for mixing concrete, one mold for fire bowl
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Stick for mixing concrete
  • Cardboard
  • Stones/tiles for decorating top of fire bowl
  • Can to make indentation for your chafing dish fuel or candle. Make sure it is ½” to 1” bigger in diameter than whatever you plan on using in your fire bowl



  1. Mix concrete and water in your mixing bowl. You can alternate adding the concrete mix and water to make sure you have a nice, wet mixture.
  2. Spray the bowl you are going to use as a mold with the cooking spray, and pour in your mixed concrete, making sure to leave a few inches above the concrete in the bowl.
  3. Spray your can with cooking spray, and center and press in your canned item to create the hole for your fuel to your desired depth.
  4. Smooth the top of the concrete, vibrating/shaking the bowl will help the stones in the concrete mix settle.
  5. Arrange your stones/tile around the top of your fire bowl, making sure to press them into the concrete enough that the concrete will dry with a firm hold on them.
  6. After allowing to dry for a few hours, carefully remove the can from the concrete (twisting slowly can help as you pull it out). The concrete will still be wet.
  7. Allow to dry at least overnight. After the concrete has hardened and dried fully, carefully turn the bowl over and tap gently until the fire bowl releases from the mold.
  8. Turn right side up, insert your candle or chafing dish fuel, light, and enjoy!
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