Decoupaged Glass Blocks




  • 1  8”x8” glass blocks with hole in bottom to thread Christmas lights
  • 1 strands of 50 count Christmas lights
  • Picture – you can find one online, or print a family photo or personal picture.
  • (When using an inkjet printer for pictures you are decoupaging, let the paper completely dry and then spray with cheap hairspray and let dry to set the colors before using decoupage.)
  • Decoupage
  • Foam brush
  • Wired ribbon


  1. If purchasing your blocks from Lowe’s, make sure to drill a hole in the block in one of the corners big enough to thread lights into.
  2. Trim your picture so that it is at least ½” smaller than the glass block on each edge (7”x7”)
  3. Using a foam brush, spread decoupage onto the back of your picture and place on front of glass block. (Make sure your hole for the lights in on the back.) Spread decoupage on top of the picture covering the entire front of the block, smoothing the paper and pressing out bubbles as you go. Let dry for several hours.
  4. Push string of lights into block through drilled hole.
  5. Run wired ribbon around the block and tie a bow.
  6. Plug in and enjoy!
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