We are now FREE!

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Mar 252013

It’s been well over a year ago that I launched AJ’s Craft Room. I have really enjoyed making the crafts I love to create and sharing them with you. And I am so appreciative to those of you who joined the site and made them right along with me.

The idea for this site came when several of my friends were often asking how to make some of the arts and crafts I have displayed in my home. I realized that I had been extremely fortunate in having years of experience behind me, but also many tutors along the way. So I thought that maybe I could help other crafters and wannabe crafters all around the world and the paid membership site seemed to be the best way to do that at the time. But now, after months of planning, AJ’s Craft Room can now offer all the projects and videos for FREE to everyone!

I am truly grateful to our members, and all of the Facebook fans and YouTube subscribers who have helped AJ’s Craft Room to develop and grow. I have very much enjoyed the past couple of years and look forward to many more!

So check out ALL of the projects on AJ’s Craft Room and stay tuned for more great videos!

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Just 42 days

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Nov 122012

Millions of us will be celebrating Christmas in just 42 days! I start my shopping in January but find, come December, that I still have a lot of shopping to do. This past week, my husband and I were in a big department store and we were searching for a gift for his mother. After two laps around with nothing, I remembered why I started making gifts years ago.

A coin bank, or a scarf, or a nice box of chocolates are fine gifts. I have enjoyed all of these in years’ past. But the favorite gifts the I have received have been the ones that were made with love and specifically with me in mind.

So head to the craft store, stock up on supplies, and get your craft on! :) Make gifts for your family and friends that they will treasure in years to come!

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Vinyl Fun

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Sep 172012

My awesome friend, Akemi, dropped off some vinyl I ordered yesterday. I am so excited to get going on a couple of Halloween projects. (Coming soon to my Facebook page.) If you did not read the last edition of The Crafter’s Chronicle, make sure to check it out. Akemi gives some great ideas on how versatile vinyl is in crafting and home decor.

Now that my kids are grown and out on their own, I don’t feel the pressure to decorate for every holiday, but I still LOVE to do it. And what better excuse to pull out the glue gun and glitter than making themed holiday decor? :)

How do you decorate your home for Halloween?

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Craft Room Organization

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Sep 082012

I was so excited this morning to see that on HGTV today, on my favorite interior designers’ show, Sarah Richardson, she was designing a craft room!! I sat glued to the TV, hanging on every word she said. Yep, I am a junkie when it comes to all things related to craft rooms, and all things Sarah!If you can catch a re-run, it is well worth the 30 minutes.

Now most of us don’t have an additional $4,000 just laying around to decorate our work spaces with, but I still loved watching her do her magic. Her two main focuses were decor and storage. When it comes to my craft room, I am a storage fanatic. I have so much stuff that in order to keep my room neat and orderly, organization is a MUST! But you have to decide what is going to work for you and the space you have. Most don’t have a spare room to dedicate to crafts, so again, organization is vitally important.

For years I used plastic totes that were stored under the beds and in closets, and it was a chore getting them all out and then putting it all away and I am very fortunate, and grateful, that I don’t have to do that anymore. In my video of how I set up my craft room I show you how I¬†organized my supplies that works best for me. I have been crafting for years and so my collection of stuff is quite large. I use a combination of shelving, peg board, wall storage and rolling carts. I also used IKEA furniture because of the practicality and it’s friendly price. Look for what works best for you.

Happy Crafting!

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Storage solutions in unlikely places

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Aug 222012

As I was making a couple of gifts last weekend, I was sitting in my craft room enjoying the quiet, with the exception of the hum of the ceiling fan, which was actually quite soothing. My kids had been home for a couple of weeks for a visit and I always love having them here and I enjoy having them leave too! ūüėČ It is fun to have the commotion of the dog and the kids and big family dinners and back-yard movie nights. But I also like the peace a couple of hours after they have left and all is quiet and calm.

I guess as I get older I like less chaos and more order –¬†everything in its’ place. With extra people at home, that order gets side-lined. Not that I would want my kids to never visit – I will gladly give up order to have them home for as long as they would like.

So, back to the craft room. I have a video on my YouTube page about setting up¬†my craft room and some of the things that were important to me when I put the space together. I have had a lot of comments on the video, but one keeps repeating in my head. “Your space seems cluttered”. Now, in my defense, it may look a little cluttered, but that’s not where I DO my crafts, that’s just where I store my stuff! I have a table that I work at. But as I sat there last weekend I agreed that my space could use some “freshening”.

One of the biggest issues I face, and maybe you do to, is how to store supplies so that you can find them easily. Plastic storage is wonderful because it can be transparent so you can see what is inside it. But I love baskets and so I have a lot of them. My craft paints are stored in baskets and I am getting tired of always having to pick up the bottles to see what colors they are, or not knowing what colors I am low on becasue I can’t see them. So today I hope to have remedied that problem. I was getting my nails done this week at the salon and I have been there hundreds of times for pedicures (my big treat each month!) and of course I get my nails done regularly (once you go acrylic you’ll never go back! :) ). I was sitting as the nail technician was putting on the gel polish and I was looking at the hundreds of different color choices for my pedicure. They were lined up all along in the wall in clear plastic racks that showed the bottles and the color that was in them. Aha! You see where I am going? I looked online today on Amazon and found exactly what I was looking for. I am going to use a nail polish rack to hold all my paints! Brilliant!!!

One problem will be solved once the UPS man delivers my order. I am sure there are more but I will take them one at a time and look for inspiration in unusual places. I am so glad I headed in to the salon this week. They certainly helped me out. And my nails look fabulous! :)

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