Canvas Prints



  • Canvas, any size
  • Gel Medium – Buy on Amazon
  • Picture – photocopied or printed on a laser printer on just plain old copy paper. Do not use an ink jet printer picture. (The finished product will have the picture in reverse, so when printing your photo, reverse it in the software, so that when lain down on the canvas, it will reverse again, leaving you with the original view of the print.)
  • Foam brush


  1. If necessary, trim your picture to the size of the canvas.
  2. Spread the gel medium onto your canvas using a foam brush in a nice, even coat. Be careful not to get any on the sides of the canvas. The thicker the gel the more your picture will transfer to the canvas.
  3. Press your picture down onto the canvas, pushing the paper onto the canvas getting a nice contact on all the surface, making sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.
  4. Let dry completely – overnight works great.
  5. Using a spray bottle filled with water, or a wet sponge, soak the paper and using your finger, start rubbing of the paper, adding more water as needed. I found that I need to go over it 3 or 4 times before all the paper has been removed.
  6. Viola! Enjoy!
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