Bird Baths


  • 2  8″ terra cotta pots
  • 1  12″ terra cotta saucer
  • 1  10″ terra cotta saucer
  • 1  4″ terra cotta saucer
  • spray paint
  • glue – craft glue works well, or you could use liquid nails
  • stencils, permanent markers, stickers, etc.
  1. Remove all price stickers from pots and saucers. Use Goo Gone, if necessary to make a clean surface before painting.
  2. Spray pots and saucers desired color. This may take 2-3 coats. Let completely dry between coats.
  3. Glue your two pots together, either to make an hour glass shape by gluing the bottoms of the pots together, or the opposite, by gluing to the tops of the pots together. When dry, glue the 10″saucer to the bottom of your bird bath and then glue the 12″ saucer to the top. Glue the 4″ saucer to the rim of the 12″ saucer and place another saucer (or a book or whatever you have that is about the same height) so that the saucer will dry securely and not fall.
  4. Embellish as desired.
  5. Spray a gloss top coat over you pots if desired.
  6. Put in your yard and fill the top saucers with water and enjoy the birds!
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