…she really believed me. Hi, I’m AJ and I remember the days when I was afraid to show anyone the crafts I did because I was sure they would laugh at me. Now they laugh in disbelief, until I invite them into my craft room.
Each month, I invite you to my craft room for a fun project. We’ll decorate your home with your fondest memories, immortalized in handmade works of art that will amaze your friends and transform your home into the place where you want to be.
Craft ideas and projects are a dime a dozen and even FREE on the internet. That’s why here at AJ’s craft room, I focus on “Creating Craft Confidence”  in YOU, by demonstrating the skills and techniques you need to know, while sharing the “Tips & Tricks” that keeps crafting fun and enjoyable.  Frustration Free Crafting Confidence!
For less than the cost of a movie you will discover your “Domestic Diva” and be creating personal works of art to display in your home for endless hours of pleasure, comfort and satisfaction in your private victory. Every time you look at it you’ll be able to say to yourself “I made that!”
Don’t hide from your talents a second longer. Join AJ’s Craft Room right now and become part of a community that loves to say “I made that!”


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