Aug 222012

As I was making a couple of gifts last weekend, I was sitting in my craft room enjoying the quiet, with the exception of the hum of the ceiling fan, which was actually quite soothing. My kids had been home for a couple of weeks for a visit and I always love having them here and I enjoy having them leave too! 😉 It is fun to have the commotion of the dog and the kids and big family dinners and back-yard movie nights. But I also like the peace a couple of hours after they have left and all is quiet and calm.

I guess as I get older I like less chaos and more order – everything in its’ place. With extra people at home, that order gets side-lined. Not that I would want my kids to never visit – I will gladly give up order to have them home for as long as they would like.

So, back to the craft room. I have a video on my YouTube page about setting up my craft room and some of the things that were important to me when I put the space together. I have had a lot of comments on the video, but one keeps repeating in my head. “Your space seems cluttered”. Now, in my defense, it may look a little cluttered, but that’s not where I DO my crafts, that’s just where I store my stuff! I have a table that I work at. But as I sat there last weekend I agreed that my space could use some “freshening”.

One of the biggest issues I face, and maybe you do to, is how to store supplies so that you can find them easily. Plastic storage is wonderful because it can be transparent so you can see what is inside it. But I love baskets and so I have a lot of them. My craft paints are stored in baskets and I am getting tired of always having to pick up the bottles to see what colors they are, or not knowing what colors I am low on becasue I can’t see them. So today I hope to have remedied that problem. I was getting my nails done this week at the salon and I have been there hundreds of times for pedicures (my big treat each month!) and of course I get my nails done regularly (once you go acrylic you’ll never go back! :) ). I was sitting as the nail technician was putting on the gel polish and I was looking at the hundreds of different color choices for my pedicure. They were lined up all along in the wall in clear plastic racks that showed the bottles and the color that was in them. Aha! You see where I am going? I looked online today on Amazon and found exactly what I was looking for. I am going to use a nail polish rack to hold all my paints! Brilliant!!!

One problem will be solved once the UPS man delivers my order. I am sure there are more but I will take them one at a time and look for inspiration in unusual places. I am so glad I headed in to the salon this week. They certainly helped me out. And my nails look fabulous! :)

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