Aug 102012

After doing the laundry I discovered my clean t-shirts didn’t fit in the drawer, so I pulled everything out and went through what was there. Sadly, the bottom several shirts hadn’t been worn in a very long time. Why? Well a couple were too small, so they got put in a bag to donate to the nearest charity thrift shop. And then there were a couple that were stained and had a few holes. I can’t even remember buying them, so I figured they had served their useful purpose and were ready to be tossed. But I love to recycle, not just milk jugs in the recycling bin for the local plastic recycling center, but taking something that has completed its’ usefulness in its’ original capacity and turn it into something else; like a soup can into a vase, or an empty tissue box into a Christmas decoration. Other than cleaning rags, there had to be something crafty I could do with these old t-shirts.

Now, I cannot claim it to be an original idea; I had seen a picture of this before, but what about a reusable grocery bag? I don’t like to use the plastic ones and I have a few reusable ones I have purchased over the years, but this made complete sense to me, as they fold up nicely and you can just throw it in with the laundry any time. So, now I have sturdy, nice-sized, shopping bags that will lessen my environmental footprint.  To be crafty AND resourceful is great! Pictures and instructions are on my Facebook page. :)

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