Jul 122012

After watching 3 episodes of “Craft Wars” on the cable channel TLC, hosted by Tori Spelling, I have determined that while it can be amusing entertainment, in my opinion it does not represent those of us out there who actually take pride in making quality crafts for our homes. I warn you now – this may be a controversial post! 😉

I actually enjoy Tori as the host – she does a great job. I even like 2 out of the 3 judges! And even agree with their opinions some of the time. And I was excited to see the show after watching the previews, but after the second episode, my excitement is diminishing quickly. During the first episode my husband kept telling me that I should find out how to get on the show. “You’d be great”, he said. Now I LOVE to craft! My craft room is full of supplies and started projects I need to finish. But none of my projects include a cheerleaders outfit that I am trying to turn into a gym bag, or the kids’ old beach equipment that I am going to transform into patio furniture!!! This is where I get irritated with the show.

I have taken a hula hoop and made an outdoor chandelier for my patio. (Check out my Facebook page if you are curious about that one!) And I have used pipe insulation to make a wreath form, but to me that is creative, not bizarre.

I love creativity! I love people who are creative! This shows’ premise just seems weird to me. It isn’t about the creative but about finding the most bizarre items and stumping the contestants. I want the challenges to be to make stuff that we would actually want to recreate and use in our own homes, not put out for the recycling truck!

So in short, I will not be watching any more episodes of the show and will continue to create crafts in my craft room that I am proud to give away, proud to display in my home, and proud to say, “I made that!”

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