Jul 072012

Today I took a break from my usual weekend craft-fest and spent several hours canning cherries. I have a friend whose parents own a cherry orchard and she generously gave me many, many pounds of beautiful, ripe cherries. So after some home made cherry ice-cream and a cherry shake (or two), I canned many quarts and pitted and froze many more quarts. I am feeling quite proud of myself, although my manicure is in need of a touch up! :)

For me, crafting is just one part of being a homemaker, and I LOVE being a homemaker. (I consider that very different than a stay-at-home mom, by the way. You can be both but they are not interchangeable.) Crafting,interior design, cooking, etc. are all parts of being a homemaker. It feels so rewarding to look at the kitchen counter and see all those beautiful jars of cherries, and so fulfilling knowing that I made them all. Hard work but very satisfying work! Same kind of feeling after getting my glass stove top clean. 😉

It’s okay to be proud of being a homemaker. I am.

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