Apr 302012

This past weekend my husband and I pulled out all the patio furniture that had been in storage for the winter. We hosed it down, retrieved all the cushions, matched them all up together and positioned them around the house in their prime locations for reading, napping, barbecuing, and viewing the river. I planted the last of the annuals in the flower beds and put in the tomato plants in the “topsy turvies” we purchased several years ago. As I was refilling our bird feeders in the back yard I realized, once again, that I did not have a bird bath. Each year I notice that and each year when I am in the stores I look for one that will fit my budget and my personality. Each year I end up without a bird bath.

So look out for this month’s craft on AJ’s Craft Room because I am going to show you how to make you very own budget friendly, personality driven bird bath! They are easy and relatively quick to make and will thrill all the birds that inhabit my neck of the woods!!

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