Apr 122012

Well, I see it has been a while since I last blogged. Where did the time go?

The past couple of weeks I had the wonderful experience of having my parents stay with me. They live in England so I don’t get to see them that often, so what a great blessing it was to have them here. You know, we didn’t even do a lot during their visit either. We went out shopping a couple of times and headed off to a tulip festival for the day. But mainly we stayed at home and enjoyed each other’s company. Because we have so many options of communication now (telephone, email, Facebook, etc.), and because we take advantage of all of them, there wasn’t any “catching up” to do, just visiting and laughing and loving. It was a wonderful visit, although entirely too short!

On of the things we did, or should I say my Dad did, was spend some time in our yard, clearing out some bushes and ivy and we even took out a tree, although my husband said it was only a bush! 😉 Sawing and chopping branches and roots are not my forte but I am proud I helped!! Then my father built a planter for me by my front door so we could enjoy flowers all through the summer.

I think it is nice to have an inviting space where people come to visit, and more importantly, it is nice to have an inviting space for ourselves to enjoy. I want to create a pleasant space to rejuvenate, re-energize and de-stress, and that doesn’t necessarily involve spending money. Just a little work can transform an ordinary space into a place we want to be!

I am really happy with the work we did and I love my little planter. It has flowers and a small rock garden in it and I find myself just looking at it. Thanks Dad!!! :)

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