Mar 072012

I am feeling the love! I have had several emails recently; not asking questions or wanting craft ideas, but just to say thanks. It has warmed my heart! :) Thank you!!

This week has been particularly hard for me. My craft table is covered in supplies that I was enthusiastically looking forward to turning into works of art and then last week I had a small kitchen accident involving kitchen shears and my hand (OUCH!!) and I have not been able to start my projects. Sadly, it all sits undisturbed, waiting for the bandage to come off and my hand to function properly again. It may seem strange to some people that waiting a week to work on a “craft” would be so disappointing, but those of you who craft not only for enjoyment, but also as a form of therapy, will understand my pain. 😉 Everyday I find myself in my craft room, just looking at and touching my table, making sure it is all still there, nothing out of place. Yes, a tad bit anal! lol

So, thanks for the emails and keep them coming!!

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