Feb 262012

As February draws to a close, I find myself longing for spring. I don’t ever remember having this feeling quite so strong. It must be the extra long winter we have had this year and the teasing of the weather throwing in a glorious sunny day every once in a while. I was sorting my recycling a few days ago on the back porch and wanted to pull the patio furniture out and enjoy the birds chirping. However, it is still a touch too early for that.

I live in an area of the world that actually has 4 seasons each year, and I am grateful for being able to enjoy each one of them. With winter almost over I am thinking about the garden and what I need to do, or have my husband do, to get ready to enjoy our private oasis we call the back yard! I feel I owe the birds something, as I spend a lot of the winter looking out my kitchen window enjoying them in the short, grey days. I am not the only living thing that enjoys the yard – they do too. So I think I am going to add some features this year that will benefit the birds that call it home and help attract new ones too. They deserve it, and so do I!!

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