Jan 202012

A major winter storm hit the northwest over the last couple of days. School was closed and even some businesses. The freeway was definitely off limits! Above the 10 inches of snow now lays an inch of ice, making venturing out of the house a crazy idea. Trees are down and my car side mirrors have 8″ icicles hanging from them. Accidents are everywhere and we were without power for several hours yesterday afternoon and evening. In fact, we were just about to make pancakes on a griddle atop our wood stove (so grateful for the heat) for dinner when the power came back on. :)

I realized yesterday how much I depend on electricity to function. There really was very little I could do, except read, and that had to be done by candlelight because it got dark so early. So I ventured into my craft room and played.

The day before I had done some cleaning and organizing in my laundry room and came across some “lost” socks that didn’t have partners. Well that turned into a project while the power was out yesterday. Check out my Facebook page for pictures and instructions. Who knew that a day of no electricity could inspire fun craft/home decor projects?

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