Jan 172012

A few weeks ago I put up some new tin tiles around my stove. It looked great and I was pretty proud of myself, as the only assistance I required of my husband was moving the stove out of the way and then moving it back in after I was finished. :)  But last week one of the tiles magically disappeared (I found it on the floor behind the stove!) and I was left with a hole. And of course it was in the middle of the row, so it was going to be tricky to replace it without messing up the whole thing! Apparently, home improvement and repairs is not my forte and should be left to the professionals. But I wasn’t going to give up that easily. After conferring with my husband and son about the problem, and trying a couple of solutions that didn’t end up being solutions because they didn’t work, I pulled out my trusty hot glue gun and went to work on a tile that was resisting being returned to it’s place on the wall. Well, it’s been a few days now and that tile is still in it’s place and holding firm.

Ever used your glue gun to fix a hem in a pinch? Or a piece of furniture that needs instant repair? Or how about a broken vase? Well I have and proud of it! My crafting supplies have gotten me out of many a bind over the years and I am sure they will continue to do so. I love that glue gun! :)

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