Jan 012012

And so 2012 begins! Happy New Year to you all.

This past week has been a difficult one for our family. My children were in a terribly scary accident on the freeway that totaled my son’s car and sent my daughter to the hospital in an ambulance – a parents’ worst nightmare for sure. But, other than the loss of a car, all is well. My children escaped serious injury and after a few weeks healing up the scrapes and bruises, there will be no physical reminder of the accident. A blessing for sure.

So as I sat with them last night watching the ball drop in New York on TV, I felt very lucky and was filled with gratitude for the angels that must have been protecting them this week. I was again reminded of what is really important in this life, and that is my family. Everything else can be replaced, or lived without. A car and a laptop can be very convenient to have, but losing them this week did not make me lose any sleep.

I don’t want to get overly sappy, so this entry will be short. :) Know what is really important in your life and be grateful for it. Things can change in an instant and then it will be too late to say the things that we didn’t say when we had the opportunity. This New Year will be a year that I focus on the things that are truly important to me – the people in my life that make my life joyful and full of love.

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