Dec 272011

The festivities of Christmas are over! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with love and joy.

It seems as though we plan and work and shop and bake for weeks and weeks to prepare and then suddenly it is over.  The day after Christmas I take a well-earned break, but then what? New Year’s Eve is a quiet event in my house, so there isn’t much preparation involved. For me, I am taking this week to evaluate my New Year’s Resolutions, although, I prefer to call them my “Improvements”. There are definitely several areas that I can improve in. In 2012 my focus is going to be on my health; healthy body, healthy mind, healthy savings account!

While it is very important to be service-oriented and do things for others, it is also very important to make sure we are in a healthy position to do so. Whether it is time, talent, or money, we need to make sure we have done all we can do to be the best person we can be so that our offering to the world and our community is the best we can make.

So take some time and decide what you can do in the coming year to be better than you are right now and then write out your New Year’s Improvements! And as I make progress and achieve my goals I am going to reward myself with a trip to the craft store! :)

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