Dec 152011

A couple of weeks ago I made the Christmas ornament wreath that we just posted a video for yesterday. I saw a wreath similar a few weeks ago and decided to try making my own. I made two because I am a very visual person and wanted to see if any color and style of balls would work. I considered the experiment to be a success. My husband liked them and when I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook, the response was positive. I was pleased and it validated my own opinion. So this past week I decided to take one of the wreaths to my office at work and hang it on my door, to celebrate this joyous season. I was pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful feedback I got. The wreath literally cost me about $6 and took 30 minutes of my afternoon to make. To have such a reaction to one of my crafts was pleasing to say the least.

While my self esteem does not rely on compliments from others, it sure made me feel good to hear praise from my peers. We all need to have beautiful things in our lives; some are people, some are feelings and experiences, and some are decorations that are visually and emotionally pleasing and uplifting. It is just an added bonus if I can make them myself!

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