Nov 302011

Well, with Thanksgiving officially over, I pulled out all of the Christmas boxes this past weekend and prepared to decorate! My family spent several hours in the front yard untangling and stringing lights and my husband crawled all over the roof to make sure everything was plugged in and ready to light at dusk! And it didn’t disappoint – magical!

With the outside done, it was time to move on to the inside decorating. I emptied all the boxes and covered the dining room table with treasures; old and new, bought and hand-made. As I viewed the sea of color I realized just how much of it I had made over the years. Wood, ceramic, glass, cross stitch. Sewed, glued, etched, painted. All my bases have been covered. As I placed each item around my home, my mind was flooded with memories of how and where and with whom each piece was created. A few were done at church gatherings or with friends, some were done with family members, and some I spent hours creating alone with in my craft room with “A Christmas Story”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Miracle on 34th Street” playing as a companion. But the commonality in all the decorations is the memories each brings after years of holidays, and the love and joy I felt in making each one.

For me, crafting is not just a frivolous hobby, but a skill learned over years of practice. It is not just an expensive trip to the craft store, but a genuine passion to be creative and unique. It brings me joy and a sense of comfort, making my home a pleasurable place to be.

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