Nov 212011

I spent the day yesterday wrapping Christmas presents. It was perfect! The weather outside was gloomy and winterlike. Inside was warm and cozy, with a fire burning and a cup of hot chocolate. I located and emptied all the “secret” stashes of gifts I have throughout the house and converged on my craft room ready to turn plain boxes into beautiful works of art!

I love my craft room for many reasons, but yesterday I was thankful for a space that held all of my supplies at my fingertips. I put on music and wrapped away! I know it is the week of Thanksgiving and it seems a bit premature, but my children arrive home in the next couple of days and I wanted it all done so that not only could they not “accidentally” uncover my gift stashes, but also so that on Friday when we go and pick up our Christmas tree, the presents are ready. It is a tradition that after the tree is decorated and the star is on top and all lit up, the presents go underneath, like the final decoration! 

This week my heart is filled with gratitude for all the blessings in my life; for my family, near and far, my friends, my health, and for my craft room. :)

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