Nov 172011

Well, it happened. The first snow of winter came yesterday. I was so depressed as I watched the flakes falling on my car, hiding the windshield in a sheet of white. I don’t like being cold and I don’t like snow or ice on the roads.

But after a few minutes I remembered why I love winter. The holidays are almost here; Thanksgiving next week and Christmas only 4 short weeks after that. I can put up with winter when it means I get to spend time with my family. My kids don’t live at home anymore and I miss them, sometimes terribly. It is wonderful to know that I get them all to myself for a few weeks.

And then of course there is the food! Need I say more? lol  And gifts! I love to give gifts and I love to get them, so it is the best time of year for me. :) I am busily working on making some great presents to give this year. I am sure I will be happily crafting right up until Christmas Eve.

So, even though the weather is less than ideal for me, the season is perfect!

Happy Holidays…….

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