Oct 312011

I am headed to Atlanta, Georgia, today for a business conference and some much needed R & R – my husband and I are looking forward to play tourist together. Even though I am not packing any paint brushes, silk flowers, or decoupage, I do like to take a couple of craft “necessities” everywhere I go. First, my cell phone because it has a camera on it. If there is something I see and fall in love with and want to try to make at home, I snap a picture or two of it. Second, my sketch book and a few colored markers, in case a great idea comes. And third, my credit card in case I need to make a purchase, or two! 😉  I also make sure I have a little extra room in my suitcase to bring stuff home. I know! This is stuff you would probably take on a trip anyway! But when you are a “crafter” like me, your mind just doesn’t shut off, even on vacation! Plus, inspiration usually comes in unlikely places, when you least expect it!

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