Oct 202011

The country recently celebrated “Boss’ Day” and I had some people depending on me to come up with a unique and fun gift to present to a pretty good boss. She deserved something nice so a card and flowers just weren’t going to cut it. What to do?

My first idea was to purchase a dart board and cut out tiny photos of all the employees and glue them into the small spaces and shapes on the dart board, along with some fun quotes. While a good idea, I decided to take the concept one step further. What if I took a common board game and transformed it into a personalized and one-of-a-kind game?

I picked up a game of Chutes & Ladders and began to work. My friend Armida came up with the perfect name – Promotions & Demotions. That was the ideal jumping off point. From there the ideas just started flowing. I made my own game pieces using photos of the management team (13 in all) and used my computer to print out the new name to glue on the box and on the game board.

There are 9 ladders on the board and 10 chutes, so I used 9 real-life, related to the office, positive situations. I printed them out on my printer, making sure the sizing was right to fit into each of the squares on the game board. Then I glued them to each square at the base of the each ladder. Then did the same for the chutes, only I used 10 real-life, negative experiences that had happened over the past year. I glued each one to the top of each of the 10 chutes. I decoupaged over the entire board to make sure none of the paper would peel off and allowed it to dry for 24 hours. It turned out wonderfully! And of course, the boss LOVED it!

When giving gifts, I always try to make it personal. If I am buying a present, I think about all the things I know about the person and try to come up with something not only personal, but useful too. One of the great things about making your gifts is that they really do become an expression of how you feel about the recipient. I want them to know that I care and nothing says that more than thoughtfully making and preparing a gift with your own two hands!

It isn’t always cheaper to make your gifts, and it always takes considerably more time than ordering online or running to the department store, but it is always worth it.

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