Oct 122011

Having parents that are English, fish and chips are naturally in my blood! Some days I crave it! So I headed to the grocery store the other day to pick up some cod to make my home-made fish and chips.And just like always, they were wonderful. Only yesterday when I got into my car, I was overcome by an odor that almost had my eyes watering. After a great deal of detective work, and my husband and son almost ripping the car apart piece by piece, we discovered that somehow some of the fish liquid had escaped the packaging and settled into the trunk. YUK! I am a supporter of the re-useable grocery bags; I have several, but those plastic bags sure would have been helpful the other day. So far I have doused the car and trunk twice with Febreeze and I am guessing that the third time will come tomorrow. Let’s hope it really is “the charm”!

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