Oct 092011

So far it has been a great weekend. I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser last night at the zoo for a wonderful organization that helps children. Got to hear an astronaut speak! How cool is that? And today it has been a relaxing do nothing day. You need those every once in a while.

But tomorrow it is back to work. I went shopping last week for some craft supplies and my craft room looks like I am ready to create something fabulous! I always get inspired this time of year with the holidays descending on us. With the cooler temperatures and overcast skies, it seems the perfect time to stay indoors where it’s warm and fill my home with all things crafty. My home is where I love to be and I enjoy giving the decor all those personal touches that scream of my personality. Plus, I am always mindful of all the gifts I want to make for family and friends and they aren’t going to make themselves, so I gotta get crackin’.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

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